Blues Boy Kings

Rudy Martin, (Jase) is the founder of the songs that later became songs of Blues Boy Kings. When Rudy and Sammy first met back in 2007, Sammy heard the songs and insisted they were re-recorded to included her on the Bass and backing, and  with a great shuffle/blues drum to breath diversity and life through the amazing songs.

 Blues Boy Kings were born!

Band Members

Blues Boy Kings consist of; Rudy Martin on lead, rhythm guitar, lead vocals and backing vocals. Sammy Josie on Bass Guitar , lead and backing vocals . On drums the great Dave Raeburn. Frequently featured Keyboard players Jamie Pipe and Paul Hale

Previous Albums

Blues Boy Kings first album was eponymous named – Blues Boy Kings! Containing some great songs such as “So Alone” and “Can’t Get any Worse”. The Second album, contains some great blues and saw the birth of Sammy’s writing skills with the self earning title track “Second Time Around”