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As we are currently all experiencing the COVID-19 epidemic, our lives are changing. We’re self-quarantining, social distancing and having our lives turned upside down.

Recently, the various show hosts on this network (Sean Harrigan & Bill Tozzi of The Cinescape Podcast, Dex Burgess of Suburban Paranormal and Mike Shea of Mixtape Radio) collaborated on a special crossover episode, discussing the Coronavirus and its impact on our own lives and the various topics we all discuss on our shows.

After recording the episode, it became apparent to us that we needed to make this a regular thing, and thus, Mics of the Round Table was born. Our current idea for the show will see each network show hosts discussing anything and everything going on in our lives and the world as a whole. Each episode will see one of the hosts take center stage, serving as the main host/moderator, guiding and moving the discussions along. From movies & TV to music to sports to video games to…wherever, we’ll be talking about it.

We’re very excited to take this next step in programming. As this new show continues to develop, it will unfortunately come at the expense of another show, The Cinescape Podcast. As Bill and I (Sean Harrigan) have had an amazing experience creating and recording 62 episodes of the show (the one that started this whole thing, the OG!), the new demands of maintaining both the network as a whole and our own show on top of this new venture has become very time-consuming. Fear not! as this new show will still have movie & TV talk, so you can still get your fix!

As stated above, The Cinescape Podcast has been a labor of love for Bill and I. From the beginning days of Harrigan’s Movie & TV Blog to the birth of The Cinescape and first recording of the podcast (shout out to “Toxic” Mike Francolino and Toxic Radio, fucking love you, brother!), our experience has been surreal. We’ve had the pleasure and privilege of meeting and networking with so many amazing people, have been invited to attend special press events, conventions, movie premieres, and I FUCKING GOT TO INTERVIEW HUGH JACKMAN! 

The Cinescape Podcast itself may be retired, but our social media handles will remain to continue bringing you the latest movie & TV news (we may re-name our pages) as well as blog content.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank every person that’s ever subscribed, listened, shared and supported us and The Cinescape Podcast over the years. The spirit of the show will live on in Mics of the Round Table. Be sure to subscribe to our new show feeds as well as all of the great content we have on the network. One more time, thank you all for your continued support!


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