Moriah Haven

Moriah Haven is a Singer-Songwriter hailing from an Appalachian background. She performs in a unique acoustic style, exploring elements of American Roots music. In the studio, those roots are often peppered with subtle ambient electronic sounds. Her multi-part, open-ended collection of EPs, “The Growth Project” utilizes concepts and characters to explore an autobiographical commentary of her own experiences surviving sexual trauma. Each chapter of the project is set to reflect upon her current place in her own healing journey, while telling the story through a different character: each representing a facet of herself. Her creations, as well as social interactions, often involve a passionate commentary on social justice, advocating for her LBGTQIA+ community, and support of intersectional feminism. 

“For me, singing is mostly about the articulation of emotional intention through melody. The arts, and music in particular, seem to connect us with each other on a spiritual level like nothing else quite can; creating a unique human connection you rarely see manifesting through other expressions.” 


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